4 Best Sous Vide Cookbooks – 2020

Let’s see the best 4 books of 2020 about Sous Vide and how it can improve your kitchen skills along with your health!

The first book in our list would be:

Sous Vide Cookbook for Beginners 2020: 600 Easy, Delicious and Affordable Budget Sous Vide Recipes for the Whole Family

Since sous vide machines are becoming more popular and finding more and more home kitchens, many chefs around the world are probably wondering where the rest of us have been for missing this out!

If you don’t belong to this cooking world, note that sous vide is so important that a well-known chef said that it was the last advancement in cooking technology in decades!

It’s new to our homes but not for professionals, Sous vide has been a standard in professional kitchens since the 1990s, but why professionals still love it?


One of the main concerns of any chef is the taste of their food. When cooking using traditional methods, chefs face the problem of losing taste and flavor in the process.

But when we vacuum-seal all of our ingredients, we manage to keep all of the flavors throughout the whole cooking process. If you think that now, the ingredients will cook in their own nutrients and water you can understand the flavor enhancement right away.


When you’re in a professional kitchen, there’s no time or room for error, if you miss something for a split second it can ruin a complex dish, every second count. Sous vide allows chefs an unprecedented level of control over their dishes.

With the old traditional cooking methods, the temperature will always vary by a couple of degrees throughout the cooking process.

Sous vide allows chefs to pick the temperature and maintain it within 0.5 degrees throughout the whole cooking process. Have you ever wondered how some restaurants get the meat perfectly cooked every time? Now you know the answer…


It can be hard in a professional kitchen sometimes, with lots of orders coming in all the time, it’s crucial to have everything organized and spend less time possible with pre-cooking each dish.

Whit sous vide the chef is released to work on other tasks that may require more attention. A vast majority of dishes takes a very short amount of time to prepare and vacuum-seal it, if you get this right it will be just a matter of heating up the water and wait for it to be done.

The biggest convenience is that there is no need to check the food while it cooks, leaving the chef free to work on other issues. Sometimes you can use cold water to avoid over-cooking, even after taking the food out of the water bath, but with sous vide, you can maintain the dish temperature for a long time without burning your food.

The Nutritional Benefits

We all know that taste and presentation are KPI’s to a professional chef’s work, but as information grows, they also care about the nutritional values of the food they’re cooking and serving.

Society is much more conscient with food and its nutrients these days, chefs are also worried about food quality. A few years back we would lose a lot of food’s nutrients evaporating into the air or even going out on the water, like vitamins and water-soluble fats, of course, you can imagine that these healthy elements are retained in the sous vide process!


Quite often people who are new to sous vide cooked dishes claim the meat is not well-cooked, you will have to trust us on that, it just looks under-cooked but

it is going to be the best-cooked meal you had so far.

Presentation is an important part of a chef’s work, but sous vide does not have to be something to get in the way, you can easily use a blowtorch within seconds to give your meat that extra crispy look, that extra final touch.

That process will be mostly for the outside aspect because you know the meat is so well-cooked from the inside already when it comes out of sous vide. This would be really just to give the dish that extra professional touch that we find on restaurants or cooking shows.

If you’re a student or a professional chef and want to try out sous vide we highly recommend you to check more info on sous vide equipment to home-cooking, sous vide has become pretty popular and now you can easily find the perfect sous vide machine to get you started.

777 Sous Vide Cookbook: Mouth-Watering, Easy and Healthy Sous Vide Recipes for Healthy Cook’s Kitchen with 1000-Day Meal Plan

This book will help you easy sous vide recipes and a strong meal plan to get you started on a healthier life, as we have seen sous vide cooked food retain more nutrients than the average cooking methods so you will be improving your health while learning a new cooking method.

The sous-vide cooking method survived a long journey from laboratories to big restaurants and now to find domestic kitchens all over the world.

This method has gone through several changes over the years and finally was given its importance in the home kitchen.

Culinary students and food lovers always want to be updated with the latest cooking innovations, sous vide was one of the major breakthroughs in the last decades, and as this cooking technique evolves, the machines are becoming more and more modern at some point.

This book offers concise information about this new cooking method. Apart from the dishes and recipes mentioned here, you can acquire information about other options as well. It is encouraged to experiment in the kitchen, we just can’t discover new flavor or colors if we do not make mistakes or experiment with new ingredient combinations and cooking techniques. After all, many great innovations were simply the result of an accident.

The possibility of food being cooked without that loss of texture and at no risk of overheating is by itself so attractive that Sous Vide doesn’t need any more reasons to become the new right way of cooking, for homes or restaurants! There is no more need to poke your meat with a thermometer and still have the risk of ruining it.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Mains, Sides, Seafood, Poultry, Meat, Vegetarian
  • Snacks, Desserts

and many more!

Sous Vide: Sous Vide Cookbook For Beginners

Have you ever dreamed about being a Chef and running a big restaurant, or even just being really good at cooking and doing some delicious food for some friends? With sous vide you will be able to prepare delicious dishes while still preserving its nutrients providing better food quality for your friends and family.

This book dissects this modern cooking technique that will transform your kitchen into a restaurant, and make you a real chef overnight! The Sous Vide Cookbook  For Beginners is exactly what you need to get started! It will give you all the information about how to get the most out of your Sous Vide precision cooker.

Sous Vide cooking that was primarily used by chefs and restaurants is now being used at home by day-to-day people. Sous Vide improves the flavor of any dishes and removes the unnecessary time and attention from cooking.

In this Sous Vide cookbook contains the following categories:

  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers and Snacks
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Sous Vide Recipes
  • Pork, Beef and Poultry
  • Sauces, Stocks and Broths
  • Desserts

And more

So, it’s time to surprise your friends and family members with your sous vide skills.

It can be to make perfectly cooked food with your sous vide, but finding the right recipes to do it night after night can be tricky.

That’s where this book comes in handy. You can pick many sous vide recipes from this amazing cookbook for beginners.

Happy cooking!

Continuing our list, we have the Sous Vide Cookbook:

Sous Vide Cookbook for Beginners 2020: Easy and Quick Sous Vide Recipes for the Entire Family (with Nutritional Facts)

This is also a book for sous vide beginners. Sous Vide offers you precision in terms of cooking time, cooking temperature and cooking monitoring.

Whether you are making a lump of nice meat, a fried chicken, or want to cook a fish recipe, Sous Vide offers a perfect and handy cooking method for you. All you need is the right recipe.

To make your sous vide cooking experience more convenient and happening, this Sous Vide Cookbook offers you some of the delicious recipes. This Sous Vide Cookbook includes the following:

  • •Sous Vide Cookbook: History Of Sous-Vide and Science Behind
  • •Sous Vide Cookbook: Beef Recipes
  • •Sous Vide Cookbook: Seafood Recipes
  • •Sous Vide Cookbook: Pork Recipes
  • •Sous Vide Cookbook: Chicken Recipes

So, take some time to check out the recipes that we have in this Sous Vide cookbook for beginners and get in the kitchen to open this new world of tasty and healthy food!

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