5 Genius Sous Vide Hacks

Sous Vide can be used to prepare food in a unique way. However, there are some sous vide tricks, which you might not be aware of. These tricks can be used to prepare foods in a way that you never thought of before. I’ve put together 5 such sous vide hacks that you can try at the comfort of your own home.

Use a pot, a cooler, or even your kitchen sink to sous vide

Any container will do when it comes to sous vide since the food never touches the water. One of the best containers to use is a small beer cooler (under 20L so the sous vide machine can keep it warm). This is great to be able to take down to the grill for finishing. Next up is any old stockpot from the kitchen to cook your food it. A metal pot will lose heat much quicker but can be a great container. Really though, anything can be used that will hold water and won’t leak (even your kitchen sink).

Temper chocolate

Tempering melted chocolate can be considered as a hair-pulling task that you would have to do at the kitchen. If you are aware of sous vide tips, you will be able to stay away from this frustration. In other words, it would give you the opportunity to make homemade candies without going through any hassle. That’s because the sous vide machine offers precise heating controls for you to get the tedious job done in a convenient manner.

Infuse extracts, oils and spirits instantly

This is one of the most important hacks to highlight in the sous vide guide. Now you don’t need to wait weeks for DIY infused spirits. You just need to use your sous vide machine and follow the sous vide basics. If you are preparing rich homemade tinctures, this hack would provide excellent assistance to you. In other words, you will be able to prepare fresh herb extracts and red pepper without going through any frustration.

Get creative with your food bags

People rely heavily on vacuum-sealed bags. While this is the ideal method for meats and more hearty foods, delicate foods and liquids are hard to impossible to use in vacuum bags. For delicate foods such as fish, seafood, cauliflower, and mushrooms, the best method is to use a freezer zipper bag and seal by hand. This will prevent the food from being crushed or deformed while cooking. For liquids, cakes, crème Brulee, etc. the best container is a glass jar with a lid screwed on almost finger tight. It’s better (especially at high temperatures) to put the jars in the water bath, then turn on the sous vide to avoid temperature shock to the glass. Finally, some foods work perfectly just in the water bath itself. Eggs have a hard shell that acts as its own barrier to the water.

Have the entire meal ready at the same time

Once you start using sous vide to cook, you’ll be hooked and want to try everything you can. You can create whole meals using sous vide and have it all ready at the same time. First cook the highest temperature foods first (carrots, squash, etc.) for the full cooking time. Then lower the temperature by adding some ice to the temperature of the meat. Add the meat and cook, while the vegetables remain warm in the water bath. Then pull it all out, sear, and serve. For dessert, you can have added it to the sous vide and let it cook while you’re eating without the worry of it overcooking.

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